The Dharmik Ecosystem

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As I began reflecting on the title of this article the following shloka filled my mind:

धर्म एव हतो हन्ति धर्मो रक्षति रक्षितः।

तस्माद्धर्मो न हन्तव्यो मा नोधर्मोहतोऽवधीत्।।

हिन्दी में भावार्थ-जो मनुष्य धर्म की हत्या करता है, धर्म उसका नाश करता है। इसलिये धर्म की रक्षा करना चाहिए ताकि हमारी रक्षा हो सके।


Our Dharmik Ecosystem consists of several organizations that you can find at this link:

There are more than 75 Dharmik organizations were listed here. Further there are Mutts belonging to Advaita, Vishistadvaita, Shakta, Shaiva Siddhanta and Dvaita traditions.  In the Internet there are umpteen number of websites that share information related to Sanatan Dharma. In a nut shell our Dharmik Ecosystem is in a state of disconnected existence. We need a thread to connect it as a vibrant Network.

Similarly there are several blogs and magazine on the Net that speak of Hindu / Sanatan Dharma.  Here is a sample:

They exist as a standalone resource. If you do Google search with the words Bhakti and Vedic Knowledge you will get this result that would be amazing.

We have several Bhakti/Hindu Religious TV Channels operating as stand alone entities. Please see the list at the following link:

Hers is a link that has collected significant information about various websites on variety of Hindu religious subjects ranging from ISKCON to official Websites of various temples in Bharat:

Products from

The list goes on and on and on…… but the missing link that is conspicuous is the absence of a link to other Hindu/Sanatana Dharma related websites, a robust data about the total number of websites/organizations operating in the world. This is possible through Information Technology. The Big Data Analytics can be leveraged to come out with significant findings and trends (if not already done that I failed to notice).

The threat that is posed to our Dharmik Ecosystem is more powerful today than in the past. The twitter handles like the following ones speak of this threat very loudly:

@HinduJagrutiOrg ‏, @hindupost ‏, @HinduAmericans ‏, Global Handle of #HDL, Regional Units @HDL_Asia @HDL_Africas@HDL_America @HdlEurope@HDLindiaOrg, @WHCongress ‏, @TheHinduMag @WHEForum @HinduMediaForum @infoHINDU @HinduDharma1 

All the above Twitter handles urge in one way or other for the unity of Hindus. The lack of unique unity of Hindus is the very reason for the current state of affairs and also the past events where Islamic invasions, colonial rule and the Congress rule until 2014 lasted.

The sad truth is that the impact of these invasions appears to be everlasting!?

We now need very urgently a unifying force / tool / system / institution / so that all our fragmented efforts can be channelized through a unique id system attached to each Dharmik in the world. We need to give a fillip to the raise of this mega Dharmic Ecosystem in a stunning manner.

We are capable of doing this. Yes we need to run a parallel Unique Identification System for all the individuals in the Sanatan Dharma fold. This is the only way we can demand what we deserve in a Dharmik manner from any Govt that comes to power. The sooner it happens the better it would be. All the agencies, websites, institutions, temples & organizations must have an affiliation to one Unique Entity that represent the Dharmik Ecosystem. Why not the name “Dharmik Ecosystem” be given to this entity???

Divided we get ruled that is happening since centuries.  United we rule in a Dharmik way. We must know that we only can save ourselves – with the resolve to walk on the path of Dharma – from the influence of Kali whose followers we find in all walks of life day in and day out.

Some ideas:

  • Lets contribute to creating an Entity (suggestion : Dharmik Ecosystem) with a server that links all the Hindu/Sanatan Dharma related entities with a unique id. Individuals such as this author can contribute to the fund raiser alongside of rich Hindus, big organisations, trusts, Mathams et al.
  • Let there be a Unique ID for each member of Dharmik fold.
  • Lets start with connecting all the websites of all the Temples in Bharat with a suggested name “Theertha Prabandha”. This is the first step the Reclaim our Temples from the clutches of the Govt.
  • Let all Mutts operating in the world be connected
  • Let all Charity organizations as a practice of Sanatan Dharma be connected so that their resources can be better utilized. We must strive for linking even ISKCON’s Akshaya Paatra. This the extent to which we must mature.
  • We all must adhere to the single rule that each entity be it a person (including a just born baby) or a system/institution must be linked to this Unique Entity (herein after referred, for easy reading purpose, to as the “Dharmik Ecosystem”) and obtain its Unique ID.

Here are the questions:

  1. Are we so incompetent as a Sanatan Dharmikas to let go and live as standalone entities waiting for our turn to get destroyed?
  2. Should we not have the renaissance of our Sanatan Dharma that flourished as recently as the time when Krishnadevaraya and Shivaji ruled?
  3. What is the purpose of our living when we see every day the harm being done to the Dharmiks in our own land?
  4. What is that we are going to gift to our next generation – is it this fragmented, divided, and weak system of our existence?
  5. What is the best way to achieve our Spiritual Goal?

With these ideas and questions I leave this space for the reflective thinking of my fellow Dharmikas to continue and take forward the discussion to its logical & meaningful end.

I recommend to read Prof. Vamsee Juluri’s short but succinct write-up “Writing Across the Cracked World : Hindu Representation and the Logic of Narrative” to understand the road-map needed for Dharmik networking.





HR and OD Professional with over 29 years of unique experience in leveraging the Ancient Wisdom for designing and implementing various systems and diagnostic processes.

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