Lok Sabha 2019 – A Pole Star for the Destiny of Bharat

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Recently I watched the latest Bollywood movie Manikarnika and felt that British and Islamic invaders still exist in Bharat. When I listened to the British Officer’s Hindi, my subconscious mind correlated it with that of the political speech of Sonia in Telangana during the last Assembly Elections on 23rd November, 2018 “My heart is in agony seeing the plight of the people of Telangana. The development, and equitable political rule that people desired is not happening”. Read the full text if you wish to know more: 

The people of Telangana rejected Sonia’s party and just ignored her crocodile tears. What strikes your mind when you look at the pictures of the following listed in the article:


  1. Suresh Kalmadi
  2. A. Raja
  3. Mayawati
  4. Lalu Prasad Yadav
  5. Madhu Koda
  6. Mulayam Singh Yadav
  7. MK Stalin S/o Karunanidhi
  8. Sharad Pawar
  9. Jayalalithaa
  10. BS Yeddyurappa

Also though not listed in the above article, I am sure, what strikes your minds when you see the pictures of the following too:

  1. Sonia Gandhi
  2. Rahul Gandhi
  3. P Chidambaram
  4. Mamata Benerjee
  5. Akhilesh Yadav
  6. YS Jaganmohan Reddy
  7. Actor Chiranjeevi who floated Prajarajyam and later merged it with Congress and the list continues….

Yes, what strikes your mind is what the reality is.

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Manah Sakhsi is none other than the divine voice that you hear from with in you. Giving the 70th Republic Day speech our President asked the people to go out and vote as LS2019 is critical for our Nation. The English news channel Mirror Now in one of its recent debates raised a very pertinent issue about the votes of those who are mobile due to jobs. It is certain that many IT Professionals in our country are either not having their voter id card or if they have it, they cannot exercise their franchise as they are away from their allotted polling booth due to employment. Thus this section of people coupled with their spouses and in some cases their parents too would not be in a position to vote. What have we done for this people.

Why not we have a system to allow any voter to cast her/his vote at any polling booth as the EPIC Number is the unique number like Aadhar Number or PAN Number. We create logic and we only defy it.  

The lessons that voters in Delhi learnt from the AAP experiment are very significant to remember when as a voter you evaluate the new parties like Janasena floated by Pawan Kalyan the brother of Chiranjeevi and the one floated by Kamal Haasan and their friendship with the most irrelevant political parities with globally rejected ism like CPI and CPM. T

he most intriguing question in LS2019 is: Should I,  as a voter, choose the relatively good (note that superlative Best is not used) candidate among all contestants or the relatively good National Political Party. Going by the commonsense the best option is to choose the relatively good candidate thereby forcing the political parties to field such candidates in the election fray. It is unfortunate that Modi Sarkar did not do enough to strengthen the work processes of Election Commission of India and the voting process too by leveraging the Information Technology and security systems to crate Voting Gateway.

You are what you made of yourself. Every politician uses the secured payment gateways being used by all the Banks to transfer huge sums of money then these politicians must not have any qualms to question the security of vote using the similar Secured Gateways. This is precisely the reason the statement “we defy our own logic”.

We as sincere citizens of this great nation have got the unique chance to protect our Nation’s interests by casting our most precious vote in the most cautious manner. The challenge is to educate the economically challenged urban and rural people who come in good number (some times 100%) to cast their votes by accepting notes for vote distributed by all the political parties. The efforts of Election Commission of India in this regard are abysmal. The govt needs to pump in more funds for ECI and urge it to disseminate the persuasive and creative messages about the value of vote. For making our Democracy more vibrant this is the most critical investment. For this purpose the NITI Ayog must influence the State Govts to spend substantial money from their exchequers.

All political parties spend tons of their money during elections and those parties in power spend public money to sell their success and schemes. The best example is KCR Govt in Telangana. It has already started, immediately after the Panchayat Polling the propaganda for LS2019,  putting up big and illuminated Ads talking great about their schemes like KCR Kit – as if the funds of KCR were used to give give those kits.

Hope to see a new movement to save our Democracy and Nation and a new Freedom Movement from Corruption and Notes for Vote.




HR and OD Professional with over 29 years of unique experience in leveraging the Ancient Wisdom for designing and implementing various systems and diagnostic processes.

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