Is Corruption Limited to Politicians and Bureaucrats?

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After reading Mr. Sai Kiran’s మన స్వాతంత్ర్యం మేడిపండు, though I wish to support his sympathy towards the “common man”, I beg to differ with Mr. Sai Kiran on certain issues. The issues that I highlight here might look trivial but I feel that there is a need of hour to go over all the issues, including the trivial ones.

Mr. Sai Kiran, in his short and crisp write-up, highlighted the plight of an ordinary citizen of India. The vivid descriptions of the essay give a feeling that the so-called common citizen is very docile, innocent, sober and easily succumbs to the bullying entities like politicians, bureaucrats, media etc. etc.

Now, I wish to bring forward my view of this “common man” who is being portrayed as the “victim of politics and bureaucracy”.

In this country a common man is s/he who indulge willfully in:

  • Violating simple traffic rules!
  • Disobeying elders!
  • Making parents to suffer from negligence!
  • Not adhering to the minimum compliance with laws of the land!

It must be a general experience for each one of us by coming across with the hoards of people who try to violate traffic rules. They merrily cause hindrances to others by jumping signals, by driving through one-ways or taking ‘U’ turn where it is prohibited. Spitting from bus/car windows etc. does not make any difference for those who indulge in such sickening acts. I have seen abusive words floating from the mouth of the persons who do such insane acts than being apologetic to the sufferer. Why do they do such things? Is it because of lack of consciousness or to put in a simple words “lack of common sense”?

It has become quite evident that the younger generation holds no respect for elders. Youth think that they know everything and no need of getting taught from any one. People are ignoring the well being of their aged parents. Old age homes are getting more inflow of distressed parents.

In this country, driving the vehicles without license is a general phenomenon. When caught by traffic police, they voluntarily bribe the cops. Road rages, accidents and deaths due to negligent & drunken driving are also not new at all. People involved in such gruesome activities, tend to use all their influence to get out scat-free. Violation of building regulations are quite common and resulting into collapses of huge complexes and loss of life.Hawkers encroach every bit and piece of pavements.

Commoners, who join various outfits which are based on caste, religion, sects etc. try to use their organizations to achieve pre-conceived personal gains.

I feel that the so-called victims of bad governance (common citizens) are severely lacking self-discipline. They take pride and happiness by causing troubles to fellow men. As a whole, society is fast loosing qualities like “understanding”, “compassion”, “tolerance” etc.

When the general public is dishonest and lives with very low or no moral values, why it expects others to be transparent or trustworthy and uphold all the great values? I think that the general tendency of an Indian is to demand for anything and everything from others than doing a self evaluation. There is an old saying that “యథా రాజా తథా ప్రజా” but this should not be applied for the present day as we have got ridden off with the Kings and Queens. As we live in a democratic country, the aforesaid saying must be used in reverse i.e. “యథా ప్రజా తథా రాజా”. I think this is the more democratic way of belling the cat!

“Why the system is so corrupt?” is not at all difficult question to answer unlike “Is egg first or the hen?”. A disorganized society with disintegrating moral values will be run by the more organized and selfish rulers. These rulers will run the administration with main agenda of personal benefits. They explore the loopholes and exploit the people who can easily create loopholes within. We must realize that the ‘moral corruption’ is more dangerous than ‘money corruption’.

When money is lost, nothing is lost.

When health is lost, something is lost

When character is lost, everything is lost

We must understand the above wise saying and adhere to it in our day-to-day living. When we are pure and strong morally, we can command the same from other defaulters. Otherwise we can only demand and empty demands may not necessarily be heard all the time!

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